“I want the right of life,
of the leopard at the spring,
of the seed splitting open —
I want the right of the first man.”
- Nazim Hikmet

Our Goal

  • Promote poetry and literature from around the world.
  • Produce poetic, musical and mystical performance events.
  • Create art experiences with poetry, literature and music.
  • Publish poetry and literature translations.
  • Promote south asian languages.


Our Mission

A dynamic, inclusive and open community of language, poetry and literature enthusiasts, readers, writers, and listeners who come together to connect, spread love and understanding of the thoughts, expressions, and cultures from around the world through recitations, discussions, transliteration and translations of the Sufi poetry, and poetry and literature in Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, and other languages.

What We've Achieved

  • 300+ members.
  • 50+ events.
  • 15+ venues.
  • 2 Sufi Qawwali productions.