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Poems of Inspiration, Hope and Joy - Sports & Greatest Athletes

  • Duboce Park Scott St / Steiner St San Francisco, CA USA (map)

It is our pleasure to schedule another event to read, listen and share the poetry and literature from around the world.

Summer is just getting started...Can there be a better way to organize our monthly gathering than sitting out in the park enjoying the sun and reading poetry?

At this moment, FIFA World Cup Soccer fever is catching the attention of soccer players and enthusiasts around the world. Some may muse - Is there Poetry In Soccer? We can ask the same questions about other sports and their legends - Boxing - Muhammad Ali, Soccer - Leonne Messi, Basket Ball - Lebron James, Running - Usain Bolt and others.

The qualities one appreciates most of their favorite players happen to be the same ones one appreciate in their favorite poets: beauty, creativity, flair, imagination, and skill. Bring any poems or quotes or books to read and inspire others.

Some of the poems inspired by sports and their greatest athletes are -

Run every race as if it is your last - by Lisa Olstein

You can't put a Muhammad Ali in a poem - by Juan Felipe Herrera
Joy - For Bolt, Blake, and Weir by Kwame Dawes

The meaning of joy—
to desire for the sake of desire,
to hunger while not starving,
to long for the intoxication
of elation, to want more than
the a body can want, to hope
in the impossible rewards
of hoping, to throw oneself
deep inside longing, without,
for once, allowing the haunting
of deprivation, failure,
disappointment, and the old
rituals of broken hearts,
to consume, and darken.

Bring any poems or quotes or books to read and inspire others. We are not restricted by the theme of the monthly gathering. We encourage everyone to read and express themselves.

Please spread the word about the group and invite your friends to join.

We invite you to read, discuss and share poetry and literature from languages around the world - Hindi/Urdu/English/Spanish/Russian/Turkish/German and others, their translations, and interpretations.

We translate poems in English as best as we can with the help of the group. There are also discussions and conversations about the interpretations and meanings of the words and poems.

Mahendra, Pranjali, Prima, Ashutosh, and Shashank

• What to bring
Please bring a poem, a friend, a poetic story to tell or simply come to listen and to enjoy.

• Important to know
Please call/text Mahendra (414 791 1276), Ashutosh (916 307 8310) or Shashank (415 589 9570) if you need directions or information about the event.